Oakland City University Photo/Media Release

    Oakland City University, whenever possible, prefers to use photographs or video clips of our own students, employees, alumni, and friends of the university for marketing materials.
    • If you wish to grant permission for the use of your image/work, please accept by initialing and signing on the indicated lines.
    • If you wish to decline the use of your image/work, please sign on the decline line at the bottom of this form.
    I hereby grant permission to Oakland City University, to photograph, interview, or video tape me and/or display my work.  I understand that photographs/interview/videos or portions thereof may be used for public viewing (including but not exclusive to various OCU websites, OCU created and distributed print media, displays,/publications, and various media).  I give my permission for my work and/or photograph to be on various OCU websites.  I can link to this work by visiting  the site at www.oak.edu.

    I agree to my participation without financial compensation, and I understand that this releases any photographer/interviewer associated with Oakland City University from any future claims, as well as, from any liability arising from the use of said materials.
    Mailing Address
    Mailing Address
    I decline the opportunity to use my image for any OCU publications, including but not limited to, photographs, videos, print media, and interviews.